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My name is Eilish, mum to 2 boys.

I’ve lived in Nappy Valley, SW11 for over 20 years and I have a degree from Oxford University in Physiology with a focus on endocrinology. I have been running classes since 2011 in the area.

I have encountered so many successful, confident women struggle in silence with their newborns, feeling bewildered and overwhelmed as they just focused on the birth. I strongly believe that there is so much you can learn before giving birth about caring for a baby and how to manage life with two children, to overcome this and it was this fact that inspired me to set up The Baby Care Company.

Having a baby is the start of a long, wonderful and sometimes very tough journey. Through The Baby Care Company, I want to equip parents-to-be with the knowledge, skills and wisdom to feel prepared and confident.

My 2nd baby preparation classes serve as a chance to think about how things are going to change with the arrival of a new baby, with strategies to cope in different situations so you feel ready for the arrival of your second baby, armed with practical tips and a network of local friends.
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