1st baby preparation classes - what are the classes, and answers to some questions you may have.

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Our one-to-one 1st baby antenatal classes can be tailored from the following topics.
  • The practical detail of what to buy and get ready for your baby to help you plan what you’ll need to do before the baby arrives.
  • What you'll need for your hospital bag
  • Things to do in advance of labour to make the early days with your baby easier.
  • What happens in the period from immediately after birth to those very early days.
  • Baby Care - What happens when you get home, how to care for your baby and yourself, from holding the
  • baby,dressing and undressing, caring for their umbilical cord, winding, nappy changing, bathing.
  • Introduction to breast feeding.
  • Bottle feeding.
  • The science of newborn sleep so you understand the differences to sleep in adults and understand ways of
  • encouraging good sleeping habits right from the start.
  • Routine types and exploring one which one might be right for you so that you've got a greater insight into what life
  • with your baby will be like.
What are the dates of these classes?
Classes can be arranged at a time to suit you, be it weekends, mid-week or evenings (subject to availability of course..).

Why should I come to these classes?
These classes set you up for life with your baby so you have the knowledge and reference material to know what to do in those early days and weeks. They also help you with all that you'll need to buy and get ready in advance so that you go into labour feeling prepared. Many other antenatal classes focus on the birth, or will just touch on baby care e.g. how to change a nappy.

Our classes give you much more detail and practical tips and tricks. Parents-to-be come away from the classes surprised at just how much there is to know, especially about sleep and routines, and they feel so pleased that they have thought about these areas before the baby arrives, to start off on the right foot. Please check out of testimonials page to read some of the lovely feedback.
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