Class Dates

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Here are the dates of 1st and 2nd baby preparation classes coming up. New dates are added all the time, so if you don't see a date to suit, just get in touch
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2nd Baby Preparation classes (at 7.30pm)

15th May Streatham and Tooting
18th June 1-2
19th June 2-3yr
20th June 3yr+
28th June SW6

2nd July SW19
9th July 1-2yr Wandsworth
10th July 2-3yr Wandsworth

2 August Surbiton
6 August 1-2 Wandsworth
7 August 2-3 Wandsworth
8 August 3yr+ Wandsworth
9 August SW6
30th August SW19/SW20

4th Sept Putney
10th Sept Surbiton
12th Sept 1-2 yr
19th Sept 2-3yr
26th Sept 3yr+
1st Baby Preparation classes

Pleast contact me for the next group class dates.

I also regularly arrange private couples classes.
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