Birth Cover for when you go into labour with your 2nd, (3rd or 4th) baby...Hello Mums comes to the rescue

Living in London often means we’re not lucky enough to have our parents around the corner to help look after our older child when we go into labour with our second baby.

Help is at hand however with the introduction of
Hello Mums birth cover service.

Here Kate Wilson who runs
Hello Mums tells us more.

2nd Baby Manu
Photo : Emanuela Redaschi photography

Hello Mums we know just how important it is to have an emergency birth cover ready on the other side of the telephone to come and take over when your water breaks and you need to rush into the hospital.
It is not an easy scenario and that is why we have a devoted team dedicated to birth covers, so you don't need to worry about the little ones you leave at home behind. 

Our guidelines are determined by your request which means that when you decide to use a birth cover we will come and have a long chat with you so we know exactly what cover you will need and we have a standard list of questions and thoughts that we will ask from you. We will need you to let us know everything you might wish us to cover as it is just as important for us to be prepared as it is for you. After all, there are many ways to give birth and we need to be aware of your options and where you stand.

In general, most birth covers are restricted to two or three professionals who are all aware of your due date and your requirements and have done this type of cover many times. Depending on what you need we will arrange for you and your little one to meet the person doing the Birth cover - not just to give you a peace of mind but also for the child to meet the person who will be taking care of him/her whilst mummy is away.

In the majority of the cases the birth cover happens during the night and lasts about 12 hours or until a family member can take over and look after your child (children). All of our ladies who specialise in Birth covers have done this many times and are all aware of what it means to be on call, so they know that just because your due date is on the 5th you will not necessarily go into labour till then (wouldn't that be just great?! But babies don't work like that and we are well aware of that!)

So help is here and once you are back home and recovered from welcoming a new precious one into your lives and hearts we will be ready to provide the evening babysitter as well so you can have some time off with your partner.

Best of luck and I wish best of health for the newest member of your family and to you all.

Kate, Hello Mums