Why would you do a refresher class if you've got a smaller age gap?

The popularity of my refresher classes is starting to take off. Hooray!!

When you start a new business it’s hard to know how best to help people and which class will be most popular.

It made sense to me to offer refresher classes to people on babycare thinking that it’d mostly be those with a larger age gap that would come along.

More recently though, the classes have been popular with smaller age gaps - 2 1/2 and below. These refresher classes are less about babycare as that is still top of mind (and in most cases your firstborn still feels like a baby). Instead the focus of the classes is more about the logistics of managing 2 - how would bath time work and what about bedtime as you can’t split yourself in 2 (although it’d be very handy sometimes if you could!)

Also I’ve had lots of questions about potty training - when is the right time to do it and when you start what are you really letting yourself in for?

Moving to a bed is also a hot topic as many want to free up the cot so as not to have to buy another, but again they want to know what issues might arise if they do this too early?

The thing about a smaller gap between kids is the fact that you’re still very busy with your first - they still need you to do most things for them. (Although on the plus-side they are still usually having a nap or 2 in the day) Therefore you don’t have lots of time to be reading books on what to do through each of the stages and you haven’t had friends go through it yet to help you out.

My 2 hour class is an opportunity to get a practical heads-up on all the things you might be thinking of with your firstborn so that you don’t make things harder for yourself. It’s also an opportunity to think of the practicalities of coping with 2 and how to manage it so that the transition is as smooth as possible.