Benefits of massage in Pregnancy

I caught up with Lindsey Seabrook, an experienced massage therapist in Balham, who recently completed her diploma in pregnancy massage (and she used 2 lucky Baby Care Company customers as case studies….) I remember discovering massages late on in my pregnancy, and wished I’d started having them sooner! I asked Lindsey the benefits of massage in pregnancy and what to expect.


During pregnancy the body undergoes some significant physical changes to adapt to the life growing inside it. It may also be a time of stress and worry, as the mother has to adapt to carrying a new life as well as starting a new life herself with her newborn. Pregnancy massage can support expectant mothers on a physical and mental level throughout their pregnancy and help maintain a healthy body and healthy mind.

Pregnancy massage is particularly good for:
• Relieving muscle pain especially in the lower back where the muscles take the extra strain of your baby weight.
• Encouraging circulation and reducing the risk of oedema (common swelling in pregnancy especially in the wrists and ankles from additional fluid retention)
• Stimulating the part of the nervous system that allows us to relax and de-stress – very important when carrying a baby.
• Naturally decrease heartburn through effective stretches.
• Abdominal massage (if required by the client) which massages the baby as well as helping to support the abdominal muscles that are being stretched. This also helps the digestive system and can decrease indigestion and constipation.
• Allowing you time and space to connect with your baby mentally and really focus on its presence.

Pregnancy massage, like any other massage treatment, will be tailor made to your exact requirements. You may well have some of the exact same muscular tension as you had before you became pregnant which can be treated as normal. For example, you may have neck and shoulder tension from using a computer for long periods of time or lower back pain from sitting at a desk all day. However, you will now be treated with your changing body and growing baby in mind.
A good pregnancy massage therapist will also be aware of the stages of growth of a baby so that they will know what stage of development that your baby is at during treatment. This helps you feel supported and safe.

You should expect to be treated with the care and attention you deserve being an expectant mother. Your therapist will ensure that you and your baby are supported on the massage table and that you are comfortable with the relevant pillows. If you need to move about during the treatment then we can adapt to your needs. Your comfort is key to maximize the benefits of the treatment.

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