Tips for keeping your baby cool in the hot weather

As Summer is finally here, I’ve put together some tips for keeping your baby cool in the hot weather.

Try to stay in for the hottest parts of the day.

If you do go out, make sure you stay in the shade and don’t leave your baby in the pram for too long as it can get very hot in there.

Keep the curtains closed in your baby’s bedroom during the day

Just before bedtime use a fan to recirculate the air in the room but try not to point the fan directly at your little one.

A cooler bath before bedtime can help cool them down.

Dress them in very few clothes. If it’s really hot they may only need a nappy and a very light sleeping bag (0.5tog)which is more like a sheet.


If you’re breastfeeding, you might find that your baby wants to feed more often to keep hydrated.

For bottle fed babies over 6 months they might like some cooled boiled water in between feeds.

HEAT RASH (Prickly heat)
You may notice that your baby gets a prickly heat rash. I’d suggest going to the pharmacist to see what cream they recommend to help with the itch/sting of the rash. Usually it will be a cream containing zinc. Changing their nappy more often can also help as the rash often occurs where the skin is more moist.

Keep Cool,