First trip out with your baby


Some new mums find it hard to leave the house in the early days. It can become very easy to stay in all day, with what feels like a constant cycle of feeding, nappy changing and sleeping.

When you do finally venture out, the fresh air and the sheer sense of being out of the house can make you feel a lot better and refreshed.

Here are 10 tips to help

- Make the first journey a short one so you gain in confidence

- Best time to go out is after a feed so you don’t have to stop to feed when you’re out

- Your baby will probably sleep in the pram when you walk around, so if you’re trying to get your baby into a routine, that would be a good time to go.

- Bring a travel changing mat, nappies, wipes and bags just incase you need to change a nappy when you’re out.

- Dress your baby in layers so you can adjust their temperature easily if they get too hot/cold. A spare cardigan helps if it’s a bit colder.

- Bring a muslin incase your baby possets (brings back some milk) when you’re out

- Dress your baby in a hat as they loose a lot of heat through their head.

- Sunglasses can help to protect your eyes as they will be more sensitive from lack of sleep

- Bring the raincover for the buggy and an umbrella

- Bring your mobile if you want to catch up with friends.